Alone In The Dark Has Been Delayed (Again) To March

Alone In The Dark Has Been Delayed (Again) To March

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January is usually a lean month for high-profile new releases on the gaming calendar, and it’s about to get even drier as Alone in the Dark has been delayed to March 20. Originally scheduled to launch next month, THQ Nordic confirmed the delay for a good reason. As the holiday season fast approaches and everyone looks to catch their breath, developer Pieces Interactive will be looking to avoid having to crunch on the game to reach the initial January 16 deadline.

“With our initially planned release date in January 2024, the Christmas season would have been filled with stress and anything but a jolly time for them,” THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive wrote in a press release. “Therefore, THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive have decided to give Alone in the Dark a new release date: March 20, 2024. The well-being of the teams is a top priority, and both companies want to avoid any potential crunch over the Christmas holidays.”

Pieces Interactive will also spend the extra time adding some more polish to the game. The new release date moves it out of the way of other big January releases like Tekken 8 and Like a Dragon 8: Infinite Wealth, and just two days before the arrival of Princess Peach: Showtime and Dragon’s Dogma 2. This isn’t the first time that Alone in the Dark has been delayed, as the game was originally scheduled to launch in October , before THQ Nordic wisely decided to avoid crossing paths with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, and Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

This new chapter in the survival-horror series stars David Harbour as investigator Edward Carnby, and he’s joined by Jodie Comer in the role of Emily Harwood. Together, the duo embarks on a search for Harwood’s missing uncle inside Derceto Manor, a sinister home that has some new nightmarish tenants.

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