Apex Legends Uprising Event - Loba Prestige Skin, Play-To-Win Ability Buffs, And Tips For Surviving The New 30v30 LTM

Apex Legends Uprising Event – Loba Prestige Skin, Play-To-Win Ability Buffs, And Tips For Surviving The New 30v30 LTM

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The last episode of Kill Code–Apex Legends’ animated YouTube miniseries–may have already aired, but the story isn’t over yet. This week, Respawn launched the new Uprising Collection Event, and like all of Apex’s Collection Events, Uprising features a new set of 24 premium cosmetics that, once purchased, will unlock a trio of Mythic-tier items (Loba’s Apex Lycanthrope Prestige Skin Set, in this case). But unlike previous Collection Events, Uprising also features a massive new 30v30 limited-time mode called Revenant Uprising, a unique in-game cinematic experience, and surprisingly, a set of (temporary) play-to-win buffs for the game’s standard non-Ranked battle royale mode.

The new Revenant Uprising LTM is easily the most lore-heavy gameplay event Apex has seen since the Broken Ghost questline that appeared in Season 5, and players who logged in during the first hour of the event were treated to a special cinematic that picked up where Kill Code left off, then immediately launched players into all-out war. But with so many new features–including a free reward track that contains the game’s first-ever play-to-win legend buffs–it can be easy to get a bit confused, especially given the LTM’s odd availability schedule. Keep reading for a comprehensive breakdown of the Uprising collection Event, including tips for battling Revenant’s Army (or joining it), a closer look at all Uprising collection cosmetics, a breakdown of the event’s game-changing free rewards, and more.

Revenant Uprising LTM

The Revenant Uprising LTM is a new 30v30 mode that blends bits and pieces of previous Revenant-related events (like Shadowfall and Shadow Royale) with new features, making for fun, fast-paced, and chaotic matches. In each match, players are randomly sorted into two teams: 30 players are assigned to the Legend Alliance team, while the other 30 players are assigned to Revenant’s Army. Players on the Legend Alliance squad can choose to play as any legend (except Revenant) and their abilities will function as they normally do, but players on the Revenant’s Army squad will all play as Revenant. This version of Revenant is much closer to the Shadows from Shadowfall and Shadow Royale–they cannot pick up loot, use weapons, equip shields, use healing items, or use Revenant’s ultimate ability. They can only open doors by bashing them in, and can only damage members of the Legend Alliance squad via melee attacks. But on the bright side, they do have access to a buffed version of Revenant’s new Shadow Pounce ability, which has had its cooldown timer reduced from the standard 24 seconds to only 8 seconds.

The Legend Alliance has a single goal: Survive until evacuation ships arrive to rescue them. To win a match, the Legend Alliance must get at least 6 players safely into the evac ships before the match’s 5-minute timer runs out. Revenant’s Army, on the other hand, can only win by ensuring less than 6 Legend Alliance members make it out alive.

To make things easier for the Legend Alliance, dead squadmates can be Respawned infinitely at any Respawn Beacon, and Respawn Beacons no longer go dormant after use. Instead, they’ll have a short cooldown period before becoming useable again. The Legend Alliance also has another convenient boon working in their favor: Any legend can respawn a dead Legend Alliance member (even one who is not a member of their three-player squad) at any time, without needing to first fetch their downed comrade’s Banner Card. If a friendly legend goes down for good, don’t bother going back to their deathbox–just run to the nearest Respawn Beacon and resurrect them. Keep an eye on the green Respawn Beacon icon located in the upper right-hand side of the HUD, as it displays the number of Legend Alliance members who are currently waiting to be respawned.

There’s a catch, though. Once an entire trio of Legend Alliance members (that is, the other two players you’ll be paired with in matchmaking) have been killed, the entire squad respawns… on Revenant’s team. This means Revenant’s Army can easily overwhelm and outnumber the Legend Alliance if the legends aren’t vigilant.

Revenant’s Army also has a secret weapon of sorts: Red-Eyed Revenant. Red-Eyed Revenant is a randomly-selected player who, unlike the rest of the army, can actually play Revenant as usual, picking up weapons, opening doors, and generally functioning the same way he always does. (Note that unlike the members of his army, Red-Eyed Revenant’s Shadow Pounce ability has the standard 24-second cooldown, not the shortened 8-second cooldown.)

Red-Eyed Revenant is randomly selected at the beginning of the match, and once he is killed, another member of Revenant’s Army will be selected. There are two ways players can find themselves in Red-Eyed Revenant’s shoes: They can be randomly respawned as him after being killed by one of the legends, or they can simply be selected while they’re alive and playing on Revenant’s team. In the latter case, an alert will appear informing the player that they can take on the deadly murderbot’s role. Activating their ultimate ability will see them be “reborn” as Red-Eyed Revenant.

Red-Eyed Revenant spawns with the following items in his inventory:

  • 2 Mythic-tier weapons (currently, these weapons are the Prowler SMG and the Kraber)
  • 1 Phoenix Kit
  • 4 Shield Batteries
  • 2 Shield Cells
  • 4 Med Kits
  • 2 Syringes
  • 1 Arc Star
  • 1 Frag Grenade
  • 1 Thermite Grenade
  • 1 Evac Tower
  • Epic-tier (purple) helmet
  • Mythic-tier (red) EVO Shield
  • Epic-tier (purple) Knockdown Shield
  • No backpack


Here are some fantastic ways to up your chances of surviving a match–and help you gain XP for your Season 19 battle pass.

  • Play the LTM for a huge XP boost. Although the event’s free reward track includes multiple in-game buffs (more on that later), they can only be used in standard, non-Ranked Mode battle royale matches, where players generally have a 1 in 20 chance to become an Apex Games Champion. But because the Revenant Uprising LTM only consists of two massive 30-player squads, each player has a 50% chance of winning the match. Kills, assists, knockdowns, and wins are all treated the same as they are in standard battle royale mode, so sticking to the new LTM is the best way to go if you’re looking to grind out the remainder of your battle pass quickly.
  • Red-Eyed Revenant can swap out his gear just like the legends can, so if the Mythic-tier weapon you spawn with isn’t to your taste, you can easily find a replacement, though it won’t be a Mythic-tier weapon.
  • The Evac Point is marked on the map by a large yellow ship symbol. Head to the area as soon as possible, as time is short in these matches.
  • If you’re in need of a Mythic-tier EVO Shield or a decent Mythic weapon, killing a Red-Eyed Revenant is a very quick way to gain access to one due to the fact that, unlike the rest of his army, Red-Eyed Revenant will leave behind a deathbox with all his goodies inside. No neutral Care Packages drop in Revenant Uprising, so Revenant himself is effectively the only way for players to get their hands on Mythic weapons.
  • Although Red-Eyed Revenant’s Shadow Pounce tactical hasn’t had its cooldown timer reduced like those of his fellow army members, there’s a way to get around this: After activating Shadow Pounce, Revenant can activate his Forged Shadows ultimate ability, which will instantly drop Shadow Pounce’s cooldown time from 24 seconds to 8 seconds or less, depending on how many seconds were left on the cooldown timer. You’ll want to make use of Forged Shadows as often as possible when playing as Red-Eyed Revenant, because the Legend Alliance will be alerted to your presence when you Respawn, and will almost certainly attempt to gang up on you. That extra shield padding really comes in handy in this LTM.
  • Regardless of which team you’re on, once you’re close enough to enemy squad members, you’ll be able to see them through walls. Keep in mind that they can also see you through walls as well, meaning that attempts to simply rat your way to the winner’s circle will likely end in an ambush.
  • Players on the Legend Alliance squad will benefit from any abilities that make them invisible, invulnerable, or capable of getting from one place to another as quickly as possible. This makes Ash, Loba, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, Valkyrie, Vantage, and Wraith ideal picks for this mode.
  • Keep in mind that all weapons in this mode come fully kitted and have infinite ammo. Don’t waste time hunting down attachments or ammo.


Unlike previous Collection Event LTMs, the Revenant Uprising LTM will only be available on weekends after the first week of the event ends. The full schedule can be found below:

  • December 5 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET to December 11 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET
  • December 15 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET to December 18 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET
  • December 22 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET to December 25 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET
  • December 29 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET to January 1 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

Although access to the Revenant Uprising LTM ends on January 1, the event itself doesn’t end until the following day, so rewards will be earnable and cosmetics will be available for purchase until January 2. Additionally, players who logged in during the first hour of the event were treated to a cinematic experience at the beginning and end of each match. Respawn recently confirmed there will be other opportunities for players to see the in-game cinematic, but if your curiosity can’t wait, footage of the cinematic scenes can be found all over YouTube and Twitch.

Uprising Collection Event Cosmetics

The 24 cosmetics included in the Uprising collection can be obtained by purchasing them via Apex Coins (AC), crafting them with Crafting Metals, opening individual Uprising Event Packs for 700 AC ($7 USD) each, or a combination of these methods. Each Uprising Event Pack unlocks one random item from the event’s cosmetic collection, in addition to unlocking two items from the game’s default evergreen cosmetic pool. Players who purchase all 24 cosmetic items will also unlock Loba’s new Apex Lycanthrope Prestige Skin Set for free.

All cosmetics included in the Uprising Collection Event (and their prices) are listed below:

Epic-tier items (available for 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals):

  • Aerial Ascent Valkyrie banner frame
  • Echo’s Grove Vantage banner frame
  • Undercroft Bangalore banner frame
  • Protector Of The Realm Gibraltar banner frame
  • Offering Ballistic banner frame
  • Raven’s Legion Bloodhound banner frame
  • Divine Oracle Seer legend skin
  • Pearlescent Mirage legend skin
  • Defiant Usurper Mad Maggie legend skin
  • Gatekeeper Spitfire weapon skin
  • Nouveau Style L-STAR weapon skin
  • Shard Deco CAR SMG weapon skin

Legendary-tier items (available for 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals):

  • Ascendant Valkyrie legend skin
  • Graceful Hunt Vantage legend skin
  • Divine Legion Bangalore legend skin
  • Thunder Clap Gibraltar legend skin
  • Sleek & Suave Ballistic legend skin
  • Allfather’s Chosen Bloodhound legend skin
  • Lightning Strike Havoc weapon skin
  • Triple Stakes Triple Take weapon skin
  • Emerald Eye Charge Rifle weapon skin
  • Tie The Knot Peacekeeper weapon skin
  • Eye Of The Idol Wingman weapon skin
  • Full Dusk Flatline weapon skin

Loba’s Prestige Skin Set

Players who unlock all 24 Uprising Collection Event cosmetics will also unlock Loba’s new Apex Lycanthrope Prestige Skin Set, which includes three exclusive Mythic-tier items. Once the event ends, players can purchase Loba’s Prestige Skin Set from the Mythic Store for 150 Heirloom Shards.

Loba’s Prestige Skin Set includes the following items:

  • Apex Lycanthrope Loba Prestige Skin
  • Translocator Loba skydive trail
  • Enraged Claws Loba finishing move

The least-pricey way to get your hands on Loba’s fashionable new Prestige Skin is to make use of Crafting Metals to craft as many of the event’s Epic-tier items as possible, as they are the cheapest items in the collection. Once you’re out of Crafting Metals, obtaining the remaining cosmetics by purchasing and opening Uprising Event Packs is the best (and cheapest) way to go. Doing so will ensure you obtain the Apex Lycanthrope Prestige Skin Set for 16,800 AC ($168 USD) or less, depending on how many of the collection’s cosmetic’s you’re able to craft for free beforehand.

Free reward track with new player abilities

But not everyone can afford Loba’s expensive aesthetic, so Respawn has included a free reward track full of exclusive cosmetic items and other goodies that players can earn by collecting Event Points (EP). EP can be earned by completing challenges from the “Event Challenges” tab located on the upper-right side of the main lobby screen, where daily challenges are displayed.

Every Collection Event includes a free reward track, but Uprising’s free rewards differ from the game’s previous offerings in a number of ways. Firstly, there will be a new reward track each week of the event (which ends on January 2). Secondly, these reward tracks include some unique items. Currently, we can only see Week 1’s reward track, but it contains a few surprising items, including a transition screen that suggests Revenant’s Army may be powered by branthium (one of the rarest and most precious natural resources in the outlands) and two gameplay buffs that give players additional abilities in-game, a new type of reward that has never appeared in any previous events.

The items in Week 1’s free reward track–and the amount of EP required to unlock them–are listed below.

Free rewards: Week 1

  • 250 EP: Inheritance transition screen
  • 500 EP: Grenadier Vision (allows players to see nearby ordnance through walls)
  • 750 EP: 2 battle pass stars
  • 1,000 EP: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 1,250 EP: Grenadier Sling (allows players to stack one additional ordnance per inventory slot)
  • 1,500 EP: 2 battle pass stars
  • 2,000 EP: Cosmos Octane banner frame (Epic), Uprising Protector universal banner badge

It’s worth noting that Grenadier Vision and Grenadier Sling are only available in standard battle royale matches, and are not active in Ranked Mode or the new Revenant Uprising LTM. Additionally, these passive abilities will disappear once the first week of the event comes to an end and Week 2’s free reward track replaces it. Each weekly reward track will feature two unlockable passive abilities of this type, but they will disappear for good when the event comes to an end, so players don’t have to worry too much about missing out.

The Uprising Collection Event runs from Tuesday, December 5 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET to Tuesday. January 2 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Keep scrolling for a closer look at the Uprising Collection Event’s new cosmetics, Loba’s new Prestige Skin Set, and the event’s unique new free rewards.

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