Ark Dev: "The Servers Are Ass, They Run Like Ass, And Their Stability Is Ass"

Ark Dev: “The Servers Are Ass, They Run Like Ass, And Their Stability Is Ass”

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Studio Wildcard boss Jeremy Stieglitz has made a frank admission about the multiplayer servers for Ark: Survival Ascended, saying they are complete “ass.”

During Studio Wildcard’s recent Extra Life charity stream, the co-founder of the company said, “The servers are ass. They run like ass. And their stability is ass.”

The executive said Survival Ascended’s servers will be improved over time “We need to improve it. It’s going to be improved,” he said, as reported by IGN.

Survival Ascended is a remake of the original Ark made using Unreal Engine 5. It launched in October for PC (through Early Access) and in November for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

The PC edition on Steam has a “mixed” aggregate review score, with many calling out the game for its performance issues and server problems. Despite the issues, Studio Wildcard owner Snail, Inc. announced the game sold 600,000 copies over its first two weeks.

Also during the stream, Studio Wildcard confirmed that the DLC Scorched Earth, which was planned for release in December, has been delayed to March 2024, according to Gamingbolt.

In addition to Survival Ascended, Studio Wildcard is developing Ark II featuring none other than Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel.

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