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Bizarre buys from condoms to maggi & iPhones

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A customer from South Delhi ordered a whopping condoms in 2023 on Blinkit, the company’s chief executive officer, Albinder Dhindsa, revealed while sharing the ‘Blinkit Trends 2023’ report.

The report revealed an uptick in sales for various peculiar products that customers ordered during the year, from one customer buying 18 copies of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, to another buying 972 phone chargers.

“Shared so many facts about buying patterns on Blinkit through 2023. Dropping some of the best to round up the year. Which one is your favourite?” Dhindsa posted on LinkedIn.

Below are more intriguing facts from the ‘Blinkit Trends 2023’ report:

  • Tonic was ordered more than soft drinks in Gurugram in  2023

  • 30,02,080 PartySmart tablets were delivered this year

  • The biggest order in 2023 was worth Rs 1,59,900. An iPhone Pro Max

  • Gurugram ordered 65,973 lighters in 2023

  • 351,033 Printouts were delivered before 8 AM

  • As many as 3,20,04,725 Maggi packets were delivered after midnight during the year

  • A South Delhi customer orders 9,940 condoms in 2023

  • 1,22,38,740 ice creams were ordered in 2023

  • 8,50,011 ice cube packets were delivered in 2023

  • A customer ordered 2,670 toothbrushes in 2023, nearly 7 a day.

  • A Bengaluru customer placed an order in 2023 for an iPhone 15 Pro Max, a packet of Lay’s, and 6 bananas

First Published: Dec 31 2023 | 11:54 PM IST


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