CoD: Modern Warfare 3's Vortex Event Adds Sci-Fi Versions Of Rust, Quarry, And Scrapyard

CoD: Modern Warfare 3’s Vortex Event Adds Sci-Fi Versions Of Rust, Quarry, And Scrapyard

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To kick off the new year, Activision has launched a new event in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. The Vortex event, as it’s called, introduces spooky versions of classic maps, as well as a camo reward for people who complete all of the event’s assignments.

The maps, which you can see below, are called Tetanus, Satan’s Quarry, and Sporeyard. These are remixed versions of Rust, Quarry, and Scrapyard. Each has an eerie sci-fi vibe. The maps have a special and powerful Ray Gun that players can fight to control to get an advantage.

Rust becomes Tetanus
Rust becomes Tetanus


The Vortex event wraps up on January 17. This is just the latest event for Modern Warfare III, following the recently concluded CODMas event that gave some of the maps a holiday makeover.

In addition to the Vortex event, a playlist update for Modern Warfare III introduces Meat 24/7, which allows players to play the map Meat and only Meat as much as they want. Meat is a close-quarters core multiplayer map set in and around a meat processing facility.

In other news, now that it’s 2024, fans are expecting to see Activision games come to Game Pass. However, that hasn’t happened yet, and no Activision games were announced for Game Pass as part of 2024’s first wave of new additions.


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