Discover how companies can protect children in online games this week

Discover how companies can protect children in online games this week

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You can still sign up to this week’s free webinar exploring ways video games companies can detect and prevent harms against children in online games.

This Thursday at 6:30pm GMT/1:30pm ET,, Modulate and the Tech Coalition will team-up on a one-hour conversation titled ‘Play Safe, Play Smart: Navigating Child Safety in Gaming Communities’. You can sign-up through this link.

During the webinar, attendees will learn:

Best Practices for Game Studios: Hear about best practices tailored for game developers to implement robust safety measures. They will discover proactive approaches to address potential risks and ensure a secure gaming environment for young players.

Insider Strategies for Community Managers: Gaming community managers play a pivotal role in maintaining a positive online space in video games. Uncover strategies to effectively manage gaming communities, fostering an inclusive and secure atmosphere for players of all ages.

Philosophies and Pitfalls: Delve into the philosophies that guide successful initiatives in child safety. Navigate potential pitfalls and challenges, gaining practical insights to overcome obstacles when making your game community safe for children while respecting player privacy.

The session will feature Mike Pappas, CEO & Co-founder of Modulate, and Lauren Tharp, Tech Innovation Lead of The Tech Coalition. It’ll be hosted by’s Jamie Sefton.

Pappas is the CEO and co-founder of Modulate, which builds voice technology to elevate the health and safety of online communities. And Tharp is the tech innovation lead at the Tech Coalition based in Richmond, VA. She manages the activities that help companies adopt technologies to combat online child exploitation and abuse.

You can sign-up right here.


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