Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find Plastic Scrap

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find Plastic Scrap

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time expansion adds plenty of never-before-seen fish to catch in its three brand-new biomes, but not everything in the water swims. As a matter of fact, you can reel in some Plastic Scrap for use in various quests and crafting recipes if you know where to fish for it. Here’s how to find Plastic Scrap.

How to get Plastic Scrap in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Plastic Scrap is required for a few quests and in a handful of crafting recipes that you’ll encounter early in your adventure on Eternity Isle. As such, you’ll need to know exactly how to score some as quickly as possible.

Plastic Scrap
Plastic Scrap

To find Plastic Scrap, you’ll need to fish anywhere except ripples in Ancient’s Landing. In other words, avoid any white, blue, or gold circles and just cast your line into the water at any other spot. Doing so will occasionally yield another fish or two, but you’ll have no trouble catching quite a few Plastic Scrap along the way.

Considering how easy it is to get, we’d recommend stocking up on Plastic Scrap, as you’ll end up needing more of it later anyway. Don’t forget to bring along a fishing buddy to earn you additional Plastic Scrap each time you reel some in, too.

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