Georgia high school baseball player declared brain-dead after freak batting cage accident

Georgia high school baseball player declared brain-dead after freak batting cage accident

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A was declared brain-dead by doctors on Wednesday after he suffered a “devastating head injury” last month when he was accidentally struck with a baseball bat during team practice. 

Jeremy Medina, a senior at Gainesville High School, was “accidentally struck in the head” on Nov. 20 at around 1:20 p.m. while practicing at the school’s on campus. 

Jeremy Medina on the pitchers mound at a baseball game

Gainesville High School senior Jeremy Medina was accidentally hit in the head by a baseball bat while in a batting cage on campus on Monday at around 1:20 p.m., according to the Gainesville City School System. (Gainesville City School System)

Principal Jamie Green has said that Medina was injured when leaning into the net as a player was hitting balls, but said there was “no misconduct.”

He was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center where he remained in a coma. 

At a press conference with Medina’s family on Wednesday, Dr. Michael Cormican revealed the young athlete was declared after a series of tests. His family later added that they would be honoring his wishes of becoming an organ donor. 

“As you all know, he arrived in very serious condition from a devastating head injury,” Dr. Cormican said. “Unfortunately, at this time he has progressed to death by neurological criteria, or brain-dead.” 

indoor batting cage

A general view of an indoor batting cage. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Dr. Cormican explained that Medina lost consciousness as a result of the injury, causing him to lose “his ability to maintain his airway,”  

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Medina was pronounced brain-dead on Sunday. 

Jeremy’s father, David Medina, also spoke and expressed how the family’s faith has guided them through the loss of their son. 

“I just want everyone to be sure that our strength, my family’s strength, my strength since day one has been and only been rooted in the most and amazing power of Jesus Christ, our savior and our redemptor.,” he said, via FOX 5.

Baseball in glove

A general view of a baseball laying in a glove on the grass. (Getty Images)

“The life of Jeremy Medina will forever impact the lives of our entire community. His passing will mean renewed life for many others as an organ donor. Please continue to pray for the Medina family.” 

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