Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2024: Eilago

Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2024: Eilago

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Eilago wants to make travel fun and connected while helping travelers save money and experience travel responsibly. We are trying to address major challenges in travel, fragmentation in the booking process, which leads to lack of engagement with travelers, and price inefficiencies, which makes purchase decisions daunting and cumbersome. We want to address these two challenges by building highly gamified customer experiences that do not just reward travelers for consumption of travel but also engagement and leveraging travel fintech to address the inefficiencies in pricing of travel bookings.

Aamir Saleem

Strategic goals for 2024

From a business standpoint, we will be expanding across the MENAP region and delivering EBITDA positive bottom line. From a customer experience and value standpoint, we will be releasing our travel fintech products: cancel anytime (already live), price lock (releasing in December), best price guarantee and price tracker. Plus, we will be rolling out our gamification experiences around rewarding engagement and group buying/social buying.

Lessons learned since founding

We launched at the height of COVID and quickly realized that travel is resilient and so should we. We reinvented ourselves multiple times, still keeping in focus our north star, which was to make the shopping, booking and post-booking experience of travelers less fragmented and efficient from a pricing standpoint.

Besides being resilient, we persevered and stayed committed to not compromising on our integrity, ensuring both our team and customers were taken care of, and we listened and responded in a humane fashion at all times. The COVID experience has left us with an even stronger resolve of making travel fun, and we want to ensure we deliver the customer experiences we are building a lot more responsibly.

Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2024


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