Jim Boeheim says he doesn’t like NIL ‘at all,’ but ‘this is what the world is’

Jim Boeheim says he doesn’t like NIL ‘at all,’ but ‘this is what the world is’

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left coaching just as name, image and likeness deals for players were on the rise. 

The from 1976 to earlier this year, winning a national championship in 2003.

About 90% of his career was spent during an era when players couldn’t profit from sports in college.

Jim Boeheim in March 2022

Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim during the first half of an ACC Tournament quarterfinal game against the Duke Blue Devils March 10, 2022, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. (Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Boeheim says he likes the intent of NIL but not what it’s become. However, he’ll accept it.

“I don’t like it at all, No. 1, but No. 2, this is what the world is, and you better adjust to it really quickly,” Boeheim . “Get in the portal, get some players there, because you’re gonna lose some. And when you lose some, you’re gonna need to get some. It’s pretty simple.”

Jim Boeheim and Coach K

Head coach Jim Boeheim, left, of the Syracuse Orange talks with head coach Mike Krzyzewski of the Duke Blue Devils after a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium Jan. 22, 2022, in Durham, N.C. (Lance King/Getty Images)

Some believe NIL is ruining the integrity of college athletics, particularly in football, arguing players will just chase money.

But Boeheim doesn’t believe that’s the case in college basketball.

“Part of the reason college basketball is pretty well-balanced is because of the transfer portal. Everybody gets good players some place. They all aren’t gonna go to the top schools. … So, you can be in the middle or bottom of a league and stil get good players. That’s good for the balance of college basketball.”

As for , Boeheim doesn’t see any changes forthcoming as long as the government is not stepping in to regulate it.

Jim Boeheim vs North Carolina

Head coach Jim Boeheim of the Syracuse Orange coaches against the North Carolina Tar Heels Feb. 28, 2022, at the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill, N.C. (Peyton Williams/UNC/Getty Images)

“It’s gonna continue, and the best players are gonna get the most money, which, I guess you can say, ‘OK, good for them. That’s nice.’ The other players will get some money. I think every program is different. … It’s where we are. I don’t see it changing. I don’t see any rules that can be made to change that.

“This is the starting point of the conversation, maybe, but I don’t know where that conversation goes.”

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