Mobi - Launch pitch at The Phocuswright Conference 2023

Mobi – Launch pitch at The Phocuswright Conference 2023

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Founded 13 years ago, Mobi is a B2B technology company with an agent-facing, collaborative artificial intelligence platform. The company’s solutions work horizontally through the industry, addressing the needs of agents in travel agencies, airlines, hotels, cruise and travel management companies.

The company’s “agent for agents” technology is designed to help agents reduce the time taken to put a trip together, leaving time for the agent to focus on building a relationship with the customer.

During the Launch competition at The Phocuswright Conference in Florida last month, CEO and founder Anna Jaffe spoke about how the service can help Mobi’s clients grow.

“The challenge that they see is the cost to recruit, hire, train the people they need to deliver this growth really doesn’t scale,” she said. “… The opportunity with Mobi is to take the team these partners have today to make them twice as efficient and effective at their job. That’s something we’ve demonstrated with customers.”

The ease of the system also lowers the bar on what experience new hires need, she said.

“As they look to bring on new team [members, Mobi lets] them hire an awesome customer service person who’s previously worked at Starbucks,” she said. “They don’t need to have travel experience. They don’t need to understand a GDS [global distribution system] systems. In a couple of hours as opposed to days or weeks or in even some cases years they can come on and do an extraordinary job.”

Later in the PhocusWire studio, Jaffe spoke with news editor Derek Catron about her views on artificial intelligence and what she considers the coolest part of Mobi’s system. 

Watch Jaffe’s Center Stage pitch in full below.

Mobi – Phocuswright Innovation Launch 2023

Watch Jaffe’s studio interview below.

Phocuswright Conference 2023 Launch Innovator studio interview: Mobi


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