New Stormgate Trailer Features Marvel Star Simu Liu In Big Role

New Stormgate Trailer Features Marvel Star Simu Liu In Big Role

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Stormgate just recently moved into its closed beta period, but developer Frost Giant Studios has a whole lot more to share. As part of The Game Awards 2023, the studio unveiled a new story and gameplay trailer with Shang-Chi and Barbie star Simu Liu.

Not only is Liu featured in the trailer, but he’ll also be a playable character in the game named Warz, who is part of the Infernals faction. Liu is himself a big real-time-strategy fan and made an in-person appearance at The Game Awards to deliver the trailer.

The Stormgate trailer features a character frantically trying to cut the power to a portal, which suddenly unleashes a huge wave of energy and countless demonic creatures. A sizzle reel of gameplay footage then shows many different manners of murder, with soldiers and monsters going toe-to-toe and large vehicles mowing down hordes of enemies.

Stormgate features plenty of ex-Blizzard talent on its development team, and its story was co-written by Chris Metzen. Metzen played a major role in creating Blizzard’s early works and also voice acts across several games–he recently returned to Blizzard full-time following the completion of his work on Stormgate.

Stormgate launches in Steam Early Access in Summer 2024.

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