Paul Giamatti Describes The Bond Villain He'd Like To Play

Paul Giamatti Describes The Bond Villain He’d Like To Play

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Paul Giamatti has almost 120 film and television credits to his name and is looking to grab his second Oscar nomination this year for The Holdovers. He is also the most recent actor talking to GQ about breaking down his most iconic roles and characters. Giamatti spoke at length with behind-the-scenes stories–he broke his hand in John Adams, and didn’t realize Kenny Rushton was a real person–but also a role he’s yet to play that he’s desperate to.

When asked about his wanting to play a Bond villain, Giamatti describes the type of archetype he’d love to be in the James Bond world.

“I’d want an accent of some kind. I’d definitely want an accent. It’d be nice to have an animal with me of some kind,” Giamatti responded. “Not necessarily a cat, but something. Any animal, maybe. Not a parrot or something. Something real. I don’t know. An accent, though, of some kind I’d have to have. A guy who’s all in fur coats and stuff like that? Be great.”

Now, there’s been no official announcement of another James Bond film, but the rumors have been running rampant for over a year now with speculation on who will don the tux. Giamatti might have to wait his turn as Brian Cox even signed on for a 007 show on Prime Video thinking this was his chance to play a Bond villain–alas he just didn’t read the fine print.


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