Playdigious and DotEmu co-founder launches mobile distributor StoreRider

Playdigious and DotEmu co-founder launches mobile distributor StoreRider

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Xavier Liard has announced the creation of his new company, StoreRider, which focuses on connecting game developers and alternative Android stores.

The goal of StoreRider is to guide mobile developers through the sea of third-party mobile storefronts so they can generate additional revenue by distributing their title outside of Google’s Play Store.

StoreRider will be based in Paris, with Liard also the co-founder of publisher and mobile porting powerhouse Playdigious and retro revival firm DotEmu, which was acquired by Focus Home Interactive in 2021 for €38.5 million.

Liard explained: “In my experience, allocating technical resources to reach alternative stores can pose a challenge. Our strategy at StoreRider involves being entrusted with the
source code, enabling autonomy, and through an expert selection of added distribution outlets, provide added revenue to game owners that otherwise would not have been achieved with in-house resources.

“We prioritise security and tailor our involvement to the game owner’s preferences, allowing them access to distributors who rely on StoreRider to manage technical changes.”


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