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South Korea launches ‘workation’ visa for foreigners: All you must know

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South Korea started giving ‘workation’ visa from January 1 (Photo: Bloomberg)

South Korea has introduced a new visa for foreigners allowing them to visit the country on a working holiday or workation. According to local reports, its pilot project started on January 1.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the “digital nomad” or “workation” visa will be given by South Korea’s justice ministry to those having a work experience of over a year in one industry and are eligible for remote work. The visa will also be allowed to the families of these employees.

The country has said that the visa is being issued to revitalise the local economy and promote South Korea’s tourism.

Who is eligible for South Korea’s ‘workation’ visa?

According to reports, foreign nationals with annual income twice as much as South Korea’s per capita gross national income will be eligible to apply for the visa. Last year, the country’s GNI was $33,002. Moreover, the applicants must also have medical insurance of over 100 million won and must cover medical treatment and repatriation fees.

Can people with ‘workation’ visas take jobs in South Korea?

The people who are awarded this visa cannot be hired by any company in South Korea to work or undertake any profit-making activity.

For how long will the visa be issued?

The visa will be valid for one year and can be extended for up to two years. It will be issued at South Korean embassies. Moreover, the people who are currently living in South Korea on temporary visas will also be able to apply for it.

Earlier, the only way to work remotely from South Korea was a tourist visa.

First Published: Jan 02 2024 | 3:45 PM IST

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