This "Sharks On A Plane" Movie Looks Terrifying

This “Sharks On A Plane” Movie Looks Terrifying

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You’ve heard of Snakes on a Plane, but what about Sharks on a Plane? That’s sort of the vibe of the new thriller No Way Up, which tells the story of a flight gone horribly wrong and passengers fighting for their lives at the bottom of the ocean against sharks.

A plane crashes into the ocean and the jetliner sinks. The people who survive the initial crash are miraculously saved by way of an air pocket. But the survivors have another threat to deal with: sharks. The crash left a huge hole in the plane that sharks can easily swim through–and they’re hungry.

Not only that, but the plane is resting very close to the edge of a “bottomless ravine” in the ocean, and it keeps slipping. The passengers are faced with sharks, a dwindling air supply, and the plane sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Not good! Take a look at the trailer below. Note that it contains shocking sequences of the plane getting torn apart in mid-air, with a door flying off and people getting sucked out of the craft.

In real life, an Alaska Airlines flight recently suffered a mishap when a door plug busted open mid-flight; thankfully everyone survived.

No Way Up stars Colm Meaney, Phyllis Logan, Will Attenborough, Jeremias Amoore, and Sophie McIntosh. The movie releases on February 16 in theaters and on video-on-demand.


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