Zack Snyder Wants To See A 20-Year-Old James Bond And A Movie That Digs Into His Trauma

Zack Snyder Wants To See A 20-Year-Old James Bond And A Movie That Digs Into His Trauma

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Director Zack Snyder has said it would be fun to see a James Bond movie tell a story about a young Bond that digs into the super-spy’s past and upbringing. Snyder told The Atlantic that he believes audiences would show up to learn about Bond’s early days and the trauma that made him who he is.

“It’d be cool to see, like, 20-year-old James Bond,” Snyder said (via Variety). “The humble roots that he comes from. Whatever trauma of youth that makes you be able to be James Bond. There has to be something there.”

The 2012 James Bond movie Skyfall saw Bond return to his childhood home, but there hasn’t been a proper prequel that shows Bond’s upbringing. In 2022, actor Tom Holland said he pitched a James Bond origin story as a new film but he admitted his idea “didn’t really make sense.” Holland’s idea apparently made it all the way to the producers of the Bond movie series, but the actor said, “I don’t think the Bond estate were particularly interested.”

The next James Bond movie likely won’t be a prequel, as the producers have said they want to cast a 30-something age actor to follow up Daniel Craig after his run in five 007 movies.

The next James Bond movie will be a “reinvention” of the character, according to producer Barbara Broccoli, but what that means exactly is unknown. Also unknown is who will play James Bond next. Idris Elba and Taron Egerton have already ruled themselves out.

The latest James Bond movie was 2021’s No Time to Die, which made $774.2 million during the midst of the pandemic. It was the fifth and final James Bond movie to feature Daniel Craig in the lead role.

As for Snyder, his latest project is the sci-fi movie Rebel Moon, which is streaming now on Netflix.

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